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Volunteers comes in all shapes and sizes, they bring lots of talent, experience, and new ideas. Volunteering is not just about filling the gaps between different communities in society, it is rather important for development of socitey.

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Happy Giving

When you donate money to our charity, you create opportunities to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you. That, and making a real impact on those causes, can infuse your everyday life with more meaning.

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We don't live in a perfect world, and there's never going to be a perfect time to give—but there are always people out there in need of help. The reality is that when you donate your money, you help others who need it.

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What we do

This Foundation is a non-profit making organisation which works hard for the upliftment and betterment of the society. We focus on improving the lives of girls by providing them education, shelter and clothing across the country. Our NGO provides quality education to all the underprivileged girls so as to enhance their standard of living.

How we help children

Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

We provide robust health and nutrition benefits to the children coming from the most marginalised communities.



We help children with limited means to get the material for study and get access to quality education, with a focus on street children and girls.

Child protection

Child protection

All children have the right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Donate Money & Support Charity to Keep children safe & free from harm.



Children can't wait for help in the times of crisis. We work to help children move past the trauma of a disaster and rebuild their lives.


Healthcare always remains as top priority for Uday Foundation. We continue to address the health needs of underprivileged children and women through our dedicated health centre. Over the past years, our partnerships with various hospitals and medical practitioners have benefited thousands of people in urban slums, remote rural areas and in natural disaster zone by conducting health camps.


We believe, that providing mere basic health care is not enough, as every individual also deserves dignity, at Uday Foundation, we ensure the same by providing them respect, human touch, basic health care, free food and dry ration through compassionate approach. Every month we receive tons of in-kind help from our generous donors enabling us to sustain our operations.


We regularly need volunteers, sometime on project-to-project basis, and sometimes for ongoing programmes like flood releaf task and many more. If you are a corporate, looking for ways for meaningful involvement of your employees in community service by contribution of time, talent, energy, skills and resources, we will be more than happy to be your active partner.

Our Projects.

We are doing various Projects

Child Empowerment

We aim to build a society in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Flood Relief in Bihar

We are providing dry rations, hygiene kits and non-food items to those affected. Any store their life to their original Condition.

Empowerment to Challenged

Our NGO is dedicated to improving the lives of people with multiple disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, etc.

Rural Development

We works for the social and economic development of rural areas–to identify priority needs in rural communities.

Conservation/Environmental Issues

We involves in developmental and sensitization programmes for conservation and preservation of environment.

Medical Mission

Our Mission to make our child disease free as well as the mother of our contry should be healthy.